How to Setup Featured Snippets for the Website?

What is meant by Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are short answers to your google search queries. When you make a search in the google search console, Google automatically fetches the relevant information that is specified in the required descriptive format. Continue reading to learn how to setup Featured Snippets for the website.

How to set up Featured Snippets for the Website?

  1. Rank on page 1 (between 2nd to 10th position)
  2. Contain a Question with a number. eg: top 10 places to visit in Chennai.
  3. Blog pages are easy to get featured in the snippet.
  4. Place the query in H2 or H3 tag.
  5. Answer the question, which people are interested to know.
  6. Featured snippets support only HTML code.

What are the different types of Featured Snippets?

  1. Paragraph Snippets
  2. Numbered List Snippet
  3. Bulletin Listed Snippets
  4. Table Snippets
  5. Bubble Refinement or Caurosal Snippet
  6. Video Snippets

Types of Featured Snippets in Detail:

1. Paragraph Snippets

The Paragraph Featured Snippet is commonly used to answer what, when, why and who queries.

2. Line Snippet: Number Format or Order List Snippets

The featured Line Snippet answers your query in a list or pointwise format.

3. Line Snippet: Un order list or Bulletin Format

In the unordered list, google can display the list in any specific order of its choice in a bulletin format.

4. Table Featured Snippet:

The Table type Featured Snippet will appear mostly for queries that show content containing multiple things like prices, rates, years, or any other data available in numerical format.

5. Carousel Snippet

Carousel Snippets is also called Bubble refinement snippets.

6. Video Snippet

There is no specific guideline to feature video snippets. Google selects a video for featured snippets on its own algorithm. The video transcription should be readable by Natural Language Processing Tool.

Special Additions: Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets acts as a sneak preview. That is providing search query result with detailed value-added pieces of information.

Why Featured Snippets are important?

  1. Adds Credibility to the website.
  2. Increase the Click Through Rate
  3. Even Small websites can rank at the top of the SERP.
  4. Supports Voice Searches Discoverability.
  5. Eye-catchy & quality results attract more search traffic to the website.


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