How to Downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics?

In this blog, we are about to see how to downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics by Lia Infraservices- The Leading SEO Company in Chennai and Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Since Google Analytics 4 is now the default property in Google Analytics, you will need to use ‘Advanced Options’ when creating a new property.

As the Universal Analytics interface is still more user-friendly and most of you will be able to get the answers faster than with Google Analytics 4.

Steps to downgrade Google Analytics 4 to Universal Analytics:

To to “Admin” of any property and click Create Property

Provide the name of the Property, it should be your business name, and your country’ time zone and currency

Click on “ Show Advanced Options”

Enable the toggle button

Enter your website URL

If you wanted to create both Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics property, you can click on the radio button and click on the check box
But, here we need only Universal Analytics property, so we click on the option “ Create a Universal Analytics property only”

Select your business size and your options and click “Create”

Once done, copy paste the Google analytics tracking code to your website.


Since Google Analytics 4 is still in the improvising stage, there is a lot of scope for improvement in its performance. Whereas Universal Google Analytics is considered to be more user friendly when compared to GA4. So, downgrade GA 4 to Universal Analytics and get your answers faster.

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