How to Build a Mobile App With React Native

One React — Many Platforms:

Components of React-Native:

  • Core components include text, images, landing page view, scroll view, text input and style sheet.
  • Components for listing the products such as Flat list and SectionList.
  • UI Components that add functionality to the app such as Button, switch, slider etc.
  • Android-specific components such as ToastAndroid, ViewPagerAndroid, TimePickerAndroid, DatePickerAndroid, PermissionsAndroid and more.
  • iOS specific components including ActionSheetIOS, SegmentedControlIOS, AlertIOS, PushNotificationsIOS and more.
  • Other components including Alert, Animated, CameraRoll, Dimensions, Clipboard, StatusBar, Keyboard, Linking, ActivityIndicator, WebView and Modal and more.

Key Highlights of React Native:

  • React Native is an open-source framework ideal for hybrid app development.
  • Offering a wide choice of native-like UI components.
  • React Native apps contain 85 to 90% of codes consisting of JavaScript and JSX code.
  • One app that targets multiple app platforms including iOS, Android, Windows or Web with the same codebase
  • It supports native code that fits any app type.

The Basic Steps to build a mobile app with react-native:

Conclusion: Build a Fully Functional Mobile App with React Native.



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