How Lia Infraservices Developed Online Doctor Consultation App in Chennai 2022?

The Features of the Online Doctor Consultation App in Chennai:

  1. Fix up Specialist Home visit Appointment or Consult a Surgeon Online/Virtual anytime based on the patient insurance ID’s class eligibility.
  2. Schedule Live Video Interaction with Doctor.
  3. Emergency Telemedicine Solutions
  4. Order & Collect Medicines from the nearest or convenient Medical Store
  5. Book the permitted Lab Test at Home.
  6. Doctors can maintain and access the patient’s Medical History prescription & Test report online.
  7. Doctors can guide the patient to buy the medicines at a convenient Pharmacy.
  8. Medical insurance companies will automatically receive the patient’s medical insurance claims legally with the doctor’s attestation.

Android & iOS Online Doctor Consultation App Development — Portal Features in Detail

1. Patient Portal:

Insurance Panel Portal:

Appointment booking Cancellation: 3 Ways.

Technical Specification Utilized to Developed Online Doctor Consultation Android & iOS Mobile App:

Android & iOS Support:


  • Kotlin using Android Studio 4.0.2
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Admin Panel & API:
  • Framework: Codeigniter
  • Technology Admin: Node.js, MySQL
  • API: JSON format.
  • API: Google Geo-Fencing
  • Notification Message: FireBase
  • Third-Party Libraries: Agora
  • API Video Calling: Agora

Technical Advancement App features:

1. One patient can book one doctor at a time:

2. Automated Video Calling Activation:

3. Use Google Geo-Fencing API to locate the Nearby Doctor on Emergency:

How does Doctor Appointment Booking Module work during an emergency scenario?

Module: Home Health Care Module:

Module: Book Global Doctor:

Module: Labs & Pharmacy:

The Pharmacy Part:

The Lab Part:




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